The Affenpinscher is a small dog with a sweet and cheeky look. An ideal companion for those who want a dog that stays below knee levelAlthough the Affenpinscher is a sporty and lively companion it is not a lap dogPossessing an alert and lively temperamenttogether with a very flexible and resourceful nature, it’s not unusual to sometimes discover that the Affenpinscher can be found in places where you least expect it!  In addition to the Affenpinscher's lively temperament, these wise and purposeful dogs are aware of their importance and they live each day as if it were their last.

An Affenpinscher's owner will quickly find that they become the centre of this lovely dog’s attention.

The Affenpinscher place a high value on close proximity to their owner and they love to be involved and share their owners’ every activity. That said, they are not a demanding dog and will quickly adapt to the owner’s lifestyle. Properly educated, and provided with the normal socialization as a puppy, they to mix and play with all other dogs regardless of breed.

With a tendency to be less aggressive than other breeds, the Affenpinscher is very confident in it's interpretive of the behaviour of other dogs and this is probably one of the reasons why Affenpinschers rarely or never get into fights.

The Affenpinscher makes an excellent companion for a senior citizen, but it is equally suited to being a family dog and gets on well with children.

The breed demands a moderate level of exercise.

As with any dog, exercise and play are vital to a healthy life. Also able to cope with long walks, these sweet little clowns really enjoy to play and will quickly become great companions bringing fun and humour to their owners.